Teamcool logs webserver traffic. We don’t use cookies to track you. Our blog theme does require JavaScript and makes use of Bootstrap to facilitate adaptive layouts tailored for various screen interfaces. What ever may be happening on their backend, we cannot vouch.

Those concerned with privacy issues may want to explore the following:

Some others of lesser importance:

In more or less that order. HTTPS is often a browser configuration knob modern times. Hence dedicated add-ons such as HTTPZ and HTTPS Everywhere are no longer essential for secure browsing. It may not be implemented by default so be sure to double check your configuration.

Although I have long been supportive and appreciated the Electonic Frontier Foundation’s work, I am less than keen on Privacy Badger phoning home. Color me eccentric. It is a good entry level option worthy of consideration. I am employing a more comprehensive add-on toolset presuming intermediate user use cases.

We refer interested parties to the Electronic Frontier Foundation for further reading.