November 9, 2022
By: gotwf

Catching Up 2022

Well, well…​ Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends! We’re so glad you could attend. Come inside, come inside!

Only two years since my last 'catching up'. That is half the prior catch up. Rock on!

About Me Stuff

I am retired. More or less. Which translates into having the luxury of exploring stuff that actually interests me versus that which is most likely to provide the next hired gun gig.

Generally speaking, I am more interested in 'real' Unix, e.g. *BSD and IllumOS based goodies and less inclined towards Linsux.

Workstation Platform Stuff

I have settled on FreeBSD as my Weapon of Choice these past few years, backed by my custom 'gotwf stack' Poudriere builds. I am a minimalist. Hence this basically involves flippin' the flippin' bits and disabling increasingly numerous options I do not flippin' need.

I still favor StumpWm and essentially live in Emacs unless I need a full featured web browser, in which case I continue to favor a privacy tuned and enhanced Firefox.

Teamcool Network Stuff

Post Samsung fsck’ing up all things Joyent, Public Cloud and otherwise, Teamcool Networks has been hosting our cloud stuff at MNX IO. Joyent, bitd, was a joy to work with. MNX, today, is great. All the more so since MNX took over stewardship of Triton Data Center. Keep the Free and Open Source Sofware train chuggin' and a' rollin', baby!!

Seriously, MNX is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I enjoy putz’ing about with the SmartOS vm’s. Unparalleled bang for the buck. SmartOS on bare metal is a best of breed hypervisor so if you want/need to do Linsux/Docker Stuff then your arse is also covered. MNX does not yet offer multiple geographically distinct datacenters. Give them time to grow and mature. In the meantime, enjoy the absolutely stellar customer service. That you will in all liklihood not need. But if you do. Abolutely stellar. Real people. Timely help. Recommended.

Blog Platform Stuff

In a classic case of cobbler’s kids' shoes, I finally got around to updating this blog to HTTPS.

Other Stuff

I am less and less interested in playin' 'puter and more into doing more menial stuff like gardening, walking, mindless house chores, hobbies, and other leisure pursuits. Still…​ I canna'' seem to get it out of my blood entirely so…​

Uhh, yeah…​ I think. Therefore, I am.

Rock on, Vern!

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